Web Advertising Application

Interested in publicity for your ministry? We are pleased to offer front page advertising spots on the Calvary website! Our goals for this space are to maximize outreach and to further connect visitors to our congregation.

Click here if you would like to print and complete a paper version of the Web Advertising Application.

More information on web advertising can be found here.

Website Advertising Application

WHY should I advertise?

While our e-mail and Facebook groups will serve as a primary in-house communication tool, the front page ads will target the general public and our worship “crowd” members who are not fully connected to the congregation. Consider using the front page web “ad spots” to highlight events or ministries that might affect the worshipping congregation and the general public!

HOW do I advertise?

All ministries seeking web ad promotion must submit the online request form or an e-mail copy to Pastor Joel Winckler (joel@CalvaryFargo.com). Upon review, your ad will be edited, assigned dates for appearing “live” on the web, and passed on to the web administrator.

WHAT can I advertise?

  • Ad space will be used primarily for events that target people outside our congregation. This may include small groups/studies that have a special outreach emphasis (Financial Peace, Upward Sports, etc.) but not “regular” in-house Bible studies.

  • Web ad space may be used to promote special one-day or weekend events that include/target a larger body than just the congregation (webcasts, concerts, annual outreach events, special speakers). This excludes “typical” Calvary ministry events that might draw a handful of friends (i.e. the annual youth retreat).

  • At times when ad space is not being utilized, we will seek to promote ALL current/upcoming small group offerings, upcoming sermon/worship series, events that affect the worshipping congregation at large, and items that highlight Calvary’s core values. Ad space can also be used for major cancellations or rescheduling (weather, emergency, change in service times, etc) and to highlight online giving options.

  • Ad space will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, with annual outreach events given priority when scheduled well in advance. Pastor Joel will maintain scheduling in an effort to maximize publicity for all applicants.

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